Gun Safe Accessories For Your Safety

At the top of the list of accessories is a dehumidifier. You may already have this if you have an expensive safe, as it usually comes standard with these units. If you don’t have one, then you may want to give serious thought into getting one. A dehumidifier simply absorbs moisture and eliminates humidity from the enclosed area. This protects your guns and other valuables from rust. There are a couple types of humidifiers available. The rod type is a mountable system which circulates warm dry air throughout the safe continuously. A rod unit runs off a power cord.

There is also an interesting type of dehumidifier that requires no batteries or plugs, but uses crytals to absorb moisture. The crystals last between 3-8 weeks depending on humidity levels before it needs to be “re-newed”. An indicator window lets you know when it’s time to renew the unit, which entails simply taking it out of the safe and plugging it into a power outlet for about 8 hours before it can be used again.

Interior lighting is another good, practical option for your gun safe. Again you may already have this if you own a high end safe. There aren’t very many options in the lighting department except for a fluorescent lighting kit. The great thing about these kits is that some are made to turn the lights off and on with the opening and closing of the safe door.

If you have pistols, you can get a pistol rack to sit on a shelf in your safe that keeps your pistols nicely organized and accessible while maximizing space. You can get racks that hold from four to eight hand guns, and I have seen them in both metal and wood.

A pistol rack is another handy accessory that saves space and keeps your safe organized. A four rack holder has the same footprint as one pistol laying flat. Most pistol racks are made of metal and wood. If you like to practice at the range, a pistol rack will come in handy.

Another option to hold your pistols are velcro pistol holders. These are simply attached to the interior door of the safe. The only drawback is that the door must be carpeted. You can fit a lot of pistol holders on the door, so if you have a lot of handguns, this may be an excellent choice for you.

The are many other options that are designed for the inside of the safe door, such as different size pockets and holsters to store guns, ammunition and other accessories.

Gun safes can also be used to store other valuables besides firearms and ammunition. You can find accessories to store jewelry and other small valuables in your gun safe.

No doubt there are a lot of gun safe accessories to choose from. You may not need them all, but they all provide a better way to organize and keep your firearms safe and protected from the elements.